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Shit day again, seizure wise and it happened again 👌 sorry for bombarding my epilepsy poems at you, but this way I get to save my seizures and poems 👌


Fear I can't cope anymore,

Crawling along on the floor.

Confused, helpless, worried, afraid,

Anyone's life, I'd easily trade.

Don't know what I feel anymore,

It's broken me down to the core.

Tired, guilty, upset and scared,

No professional seems, to have actually cared.

I have reached the end of my wit,

Ready to loose my shit.

Dazed, sick, pure loss of control,

Sick of this life, as an absolute whole.


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I love your poetry but sorry to hear it’s due to a very bad day’s of seizure/s for you. Are you feeling exhausted & emotionally 😟 my heart goes out to you. Don’t give up dear, maybe speak to your neuro again ❤️ SJ

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Thankyou ❤️ Been trying to get a hold of my neuro, only to find out she's off sick with no one covering her patients 😲 feel like absolute crap, shattered and drained, mega head ache 😢 xx

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A lot of people don’t realise how the impact of seizures can have on someone, be it physically or psychologically or + plus !! & With the side effects of the shitty meds 🙄I know life can be a lot worse for some. But you take great care, do you have any interests yoga 🧘‍♀️ etc? 😄❤️ SJ

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That’s how I felt yesterday so fed up I was thinking here we go again started at 8am stopping starting you just get so warn out you want the grandmal to come so you can get up and do things even though you know a seizure takes a piece of you every time you have one 11pm I’m free but wake up not knowing if I had a seizure I ask my little boy he said yes mum you had JAZ ( we call it that because it’s easier for him to cope with) this morning I wake with a massive headache and wonder has this invisible disease finished with me yet, I will soon find out. I hate epilepsy but it’s not going to beat me it may take a piece of me but I will enjoy and laugh when it’s not around. Stay strong and laugh in the face of it 💪🏻💪🏻 You have powerful words to use to beat it


Thankyou, that's exactly how I get l end up hating the 'aura' so much, I actually want and long for the major fit to hit, just so it's over 😢 even though you know afterwards you are going to feel like crap xx


I too suffer from epilepsy, and also write poems (and songs). I see myself as a rugby player getting up after grand mals and carrying on along life's road, using creativity to help me. Do you ever show any medical person your poems? I show mine to the head neurologist in a local hospital and they are strongly appreciated. Maybe you should do that too. It's also good to do fun poems or ones sending up organisations or anything you feel like. I hope this can help you.


John Hughes

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