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Epilepsy feelings

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Can anyone relate to this. I have had seizures all last night and today, I am currently getting this 'hanging' feeling. As though I am just waiting and expecting a seizure. I get this all the time. Does anyone know any technique to get rid of the hanging/de ja vu feeling? or have I purely to wait until I have a seizure until the feelings go away? Sick of feeling so ill 🤒 thanks in advance x

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Hiya Nicole. I had the same problem for 2 years once medication had at last stopped the bad seizures (complex partial seizures) I had these deja-vu feelings constantly. I kept raising this with my neurologist and basically it seems these are mild seizures (which worried me as I must have had the intense feeling 15-20 times a day). Also frustrating as it meant I couldn't get my driving licence back until the deja-vu stopped - frustrating but necessary as realistically it wasn't safe. My meds were increased and they stopped, so I reckon you should go see the GP, if you're not still seeing your neurologist.

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Thankyou so much for your reply, I see my neuro regularly, and my nurse, waiting to hear back from my gp. It's enlightening to know they are a form of seizures. I kind of expected that, since it doesn't stop until I finally have a full complex partial seizure. Thanks again x

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