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Problems getting Vimpat filled in different states, now controlled?

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Who else is having problems getting their AED Vimpat? I’m going to be day 1 without tomorrow because? Insurance doesn’t cover me out of town then Vimpat was made a controlled drug and Id have to go to an ER to try and get a “written script in CA, my Mo written script where I live is worthless? Now the Walmart doesn’t carry this expensive Epilepsy med and don’t keep it on their many shelves, so it will have to be ordered! Then I pay up to $850 per month for this med, along with Keppra and BP meds yadda yadda. So....why is it so hard for me to get this med that’s keeping my seizures controlled? Tomorrow or tonight they will start sometime soon but I can’t do anything about it? Something just isn’t right?

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