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My son who is now 21yrs old has had OCD since he was 14years old. He has had know help with this form anyone, our health service CAMHS have been no use, he saw four different people in a space of two years because they kept leaving and all they ever did was talk about how they will help him then leave. Ryan saw a psychologist two year later after a very long fight to get Ryan help, she saw him three times and because he is so locked in his own world now he wont talk to anyone except us his family ,she said she couldn't help him anymore, he was 18yrs then and now his OCD has got so much worse it's effecting the hole family, he is so controlling with us and his younger brother.

We desperately need help, but don't know who to turn too. Any advice would be good.

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Kindly explain more about OCD.


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