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My fiance's seizures

My fiance just had a series of seizures he can normally control them but tonight was different and scared me to death. When he came too he was hurting so bad his whole body hurts. What should I do to make sure he's comfortable? I hate seeing him like this 😢

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Aw Bless, sadly there’s nothing you can do to easy the pain, my son is the same after a seizure. Sometimes he takes paracetamol or ibuprofen if it’s really bad.

Rachel x


Hiya if he can usually control them, does that mean he's seizure free on meds? If that's the case I'm betting he's done something or eaten a food that's a trigger that he doesn't normally? I'm the same if I get caught out with grapefruit.. Hope that helps you


how's your partner doing these days? have things settled down


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