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Very sore ribs and shoulder after seizures


Hello, I am new on here so I gonna answer on a few questions, as I need help..

I experienced 2 seizures 1 night after another and I was brought to hospital the 2 times, that was about 3 weeks ago and I am suffering with very bad musical pains along my rib cage and shoulder blade, whenever I breed in..

Plus what are Grand mal seizures.

Thank you in advance

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Hi there, sorry to hear of your troubles. If you have had a seizure, you are likely to have muscle pain. If you have had a grand mal seizure, you are likely to feel rather poorly for at least a week afterwards. I hope you are getting some urgent advice on medication and the right dose, they can really help eliminate the seizures. Good luck.

A Grand Mal seizures is when u loose consciousness and your body shakes, my son generally feels sore and unwell for a few days after having one. I hope your getting all the support you need medically


Keto diet will cure your seizure I am no more on pills after 28 years

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