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Hello I'm the parent to a 7 year old child with uncontrollable Epilepsy....how difficult is the Ketogenic diet to follow?

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I do so sympathise with you as having your child with a condition that, at first can seem scary, is not good. But the ketogenic diet, especially for little ones has been proven to be most effective in many cases so I hope it helps for you. I follow it myself too, at 66 as I have epilepsy also and it’s still helping me! In answer to your question, of course everything is a personal experience, but I have always found this diet to be easy to follow. For a child of course, he/she will wonder at first why they cannot eat what their friends are consuming but if you can present the healthy alternatives, eg. Fruits, etc and discuss the advantages which are also happily mentioned at school too! Your dentist will be delighted also! I’m not going into great detail here as I’m assuming you’ve been given information but as a former teacher I saw several children bring their lunches and were looked at with envy by the other students! It becomes a way of eating and occasionally one can eat ‘off plan’ as it were....but initially I would advise your little one begins fairly strictly to become accustomed to the change. I’m happy to give more comments if you’d like. Good luck.


Thankyou, we're about to see the neurologist who suggested it the last time we met, she does eat very healthily...when she eats!

Her drinks are sugar free and so are her snacks....however I'm not sure her school get it, when she stays school dinner I've no idea what she's eating but could easily do a packed lunch, I've got books on the Keig diet too but waiting to see what the specialists suggest, does it totally control your seizures?



My diet I feel assists my seizures, however, I definitely have to take my medication as prescribed; if I decide to go ‘off plan’ as it were occasionally it hampers definitely the help my medication gives me and once on track again with the right diet I become more clear headed and far less prone to seizures. Currently I have been seizure free for almost a fortnight and recently, due to age and condition of my brain there had been deterioration but strict adherence to the diet has helped. This made me reply to your post in fact, it really has an impact, particularly for little ones....but everyone is different, it is always worth trying. X

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Hi I've had uncontrolled seizures for 41yrs now, since I was 5yrs old. I have up to 10 turns a month

So what does a Ketogenic diet do?

I'm not quite sure what you have to eat, my memory is not very good but that's the way it is I still find this

Illness very hard to coap with.

The only way I keep myself going is I always keep my sense of humour,

I do have anxiety as well.