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Damn Friday 13th!!


Just over a week ago I had my first fit since I was 13 which had me out for around 25 minutes. I’m very shocked as been so well controlled for many many years then bang right out the blue I’ve been quite lucky that my medication has controlled it so well ( lamictal) but thinking will my medication now need reviewing or changed ?? Any advice from someone in same situation would be fab. Thanks

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Sorry to hear your bad luck, but that is the just how epilepsy affects many of us. Do you suffer from depression, anxiety. And if so may I ask how long have you been like this for now. Have you been drinking alcohol, because as you alcohol should not be drunk for the vast majority of us, AEDs and alcohol simply do not go to together.

Would suggest that you make an appointment at GP report all the aforementioned - and they could well ask your neurologist to make a new appointment.

Here’s wishing you well.


Hi. Thanks and yeah I know that’s how it is and how it can be as had it since 13. Fortunately I don’t suffer from anxiety or depression and I avoid drinking alcohol. I’ve visited doctor the other day and have to go back but was just wondering if it would be a thought to maybe change the medication now. Thanks

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