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Really Lonely and Scared 😔

I'm new here and really hope it helps me overcome the loneliness I'm feeling.

I fled domestic violence after a vicious head injury caused me to be epileptic.

I have no friends to discuss my illnesses and experience with and after the attack I now have PTSD and feel terrified most of the time.

On top of this my medication has caused me to gain a lot of weight and I have horrible acne on my face 😞

My support worker suggested I join this site in the hope somebody can talk to me and give me some confidence back.

Thanks guys

Jen 🤗

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Hi JennyWren, what a terrible experience you have had! No wonder you have PTSD. I wish you the very best of luck in your continued recovery.

Does your epilepsy meds control your siezures adequately? I hope so.

My best friend has had epilepsy for 40 odd years, is on eppillim & lamotrigine drugs which work well for him.

It's no wonder you feel lonely, given your situation, so please don't beat yourself up over that, it's a normal reaction. Give yourself some time to adjust & please accept a great big HUG from me.

All the best,



Hi Jenny, Just to say hello x sorry to read your story you have been through a lot . Is your Epilepsy controlled ? I have put weight on also and even the Doctor seems to forget it's through medication (it's not from eating ) Mine E has come with having Brain Tumour and some left in different places one in my ear which makes me deaf I am just left on watch and wait list .Sending you good wishes and hope you get some good feedback or l read other peoples storys I do that and feel not quite as alone . Xxx


Hi Jenny I joined this site when my son had his first seizure and I got a lot of support.

Iam so sorry to here of your past, but although I don’t suffer epilepsy Iam always here to listen c


Hi Jenny sorry to hear your story. I have had epilepsy for 44 years and cope well with my seizures. Please feel free to make contact if every needing someone to talk to. I am on Facebook and Twitter too.


Hi there are some domestic violence support people out there ask your support worker for help with the PTSD I know this is obvious but sometimes they don't do all they can to look into help for you, please try your hardest not to let this stop you going out completely and see if you can find a mental health group through your gp, good luck


Dear Jenny, have faith and hope in yourself than you can overcome what your going through. I have not gone through what your going through but I have had some things to overcome. I had stents,triple bypass and then seizures to deal with. I was 39 then and later at 53 I had a heart attack at the beginning of the year and in August of the same year a seizure and total my car. I was in hospital for three weeks because of the damaged it cause on my body. The only thing that gets me through is faith and hope. That keeps me in control of my mind and feelings. It's hard to do but if you keep on working on it you can overcome. You keep me informed as you go through this and I will try to help you ad much as I can. Hope to here good news from you later. (P.S FAITH AND HOPE!)


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