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Hey, I'm the new gal here!

I was just at my Doctors office and while getting my very first Occucipital nerve block for chronic migraines, I had what he said was some type of seizure, not a grand Mal, but, My body froze up, got rigged, I went unconscious for about 45 seconds, and when I came too, I was confused for about 15 seconds, but then I was totally normal. He would not give me the Nerve block after that, and immediately got on the phone with my Neurologist to tell him, and ask him to give me an EEG test this upcoming week. I just was looking for information to see if there was information out there that ties Migraines together with Seizures. I am 57 soon to be 58 yr old grandmother with a history of chronic severe migraines. I do take 100 mg. of Topomax before bed every night though, to prevent migraines.

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Hello; there is quite a body of evidence that links migraines with epilepsy. Here are a few articles which will give you more information: epilepsyresearch.org.uk/the... epilepsyresearch.org.uk/the... Hope they help you.


Just do Islamic wet cupping u will never get migraines again


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