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Depression don't know what to do

I've had depression for years because of a bad childhood. I'm 17 and live on my own with my 2 year old and 1 year old. I'm still with there dad but he don't stay. Since having the kids I'm so bad just want it to go away or kill myself. Never knew depression and anxiety was this bad. Tried going doctors and they called social and now social have gone I carnt risk going back to doctors for help. My boyfriend always puts me down calls me names and insults me. He has adhd which he always blames

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I have only 1 friend that lives an hour and half away from me because I moved and I'm so isolated which makes my depression had as well. I also get angry a lot and frustrated, maybe have bipolar as well

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Wow 17 with 2 very young children. I take my hat off to you. I am 37 with a 2 year old & find it hard enough. Is there anyone else you can turn to? Could you have counselling?

Also could you see your consultant? It could be your Medication making you depressed. One I used to take made me very depressed. I just want to back my bags & get of everyone's lives because I felt like a burden but in reality I would have made everything a million times worse if I had really gone away so I started to think about the people around me who needed me & loved me. Xx

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Hi Jade it sounds like you have Post Partum Depression. It's fairly common with mums. You should have had better support from GP and social services. Apart from anti depressant medication, perhaps you can access online support. I'm in a Facebook Group 'Mental Health Support all forms welcome' and there must be some for mums in your situation. Are there any mothers groups you could attend local to you Jade? Talking and meeting mothers will help. If you don't get much support from family it must be hard. The library is a good place to find out what support is around

Depressions will go of their own accord but you'll recover quicker if you try some of the things I suggest. Things will get better Jade. Good luck Paul 💐🍀🕊


I have post traumatic stress disorder because of my childhood

Last night was at hospital as had bad panic attack

I feel everything getting worse


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