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Flashing lights and night time panic attacks?

I always have a seizure in the night or early in the morning, before I have a seizure I see flashing lights does anyone know what this is? My doctor said it's migraine? So is my seizures caused by miagrains? I also wake up panicking and feel like I'm going into a fit but I don't ... does anyone know what that is ? My neurologist said it's night time panic attacks but I'm not sure because I can get them before I have a seizure

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You're likely having what is called an aura. An aura can accompany migraines or be warning to an upcoming seizure. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aura_... The panicky feeling may be related or unrelated to the aura and may be a symptom of your seizure, seizure medication (many of which are know to produce feelings of anxiety), or many other things. Your neurologist should be able to provide you more insight into these things. Good luck!


I used to experience the same thing and this is most likely the increased amount of serotonin just before a seizure. Definitely have your doctor check this out.


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