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Referred to First seizure Clinic

I'm 32, mother to three kids, and I recently had a suspected seizure for the first time.

I was planning on going to the cinema with my youngest, and went to say bye to my husband, when I suddenly felt about light headed. I can't remember what happened next, but I do recall coming out of it. Sitting on the floor and could not stop my body shaking. My husband says I was shaking violently, and I was also telling him my father and grandmother were in the room, both are deceased.

I convinced my self I was actually in my childhood street, which was demolished 20 years ago, and I recall feeling scared and worried.

I also bit my cheek too.

What type of seizure was this?

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You don't say if you were taken to hospital or not. So I am suspecting that you weren't. Likewise you don't say if you saw your doctor or not?

I would advise you to go and see your doctor and tell them everything. They will decide what plan of action that they will take, if they suspect epilepsy they will send you to have a electroencephalogram.

Here's wishing you all the best



I did not go to hospital, but did see my gp, who has referred me to hospital for further tests. I am just trying to determine whether or not my symptoms are associated with epilepsy or not


I am glad that your doctor has referred you on to get further tests etc.

Here's wishing you all the very best

Goodnight and try not to worry about anything.



As its my six year old that has seizures I can oh go on what I observe and hear her say afterwards.

She too finds, reality and strong memories from her past hard to sort out, she's also started having non epileptic seizures which server laughing g hysterically, holding her belly saying it tickles, but she does time it, she's stated show I g more shaming too when having these different seizures....waiting for hospital appointments next week.


Sorry for my kindle changing, don't know how to correct it


That must be worrying..a child going through it!


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