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New here, Diagnosed last year

Hi all,

I am a dad and husband 44yrs old, I was widowed 11 years ago, re-married and have my two and two step children, 4 teenagers!!! arrghh lol

I was diagnosed last year after having a cardiac arrest which led to a SUDEP, luckily my wife was home (ex paramedic) and She saved my life. Since then I have suffered a few big ish seizures and absences small focal seizures and sleep seizures. According to Neurologist I have always had Epilepsy but was very mild and underlying but the cardiac arrest has brought it to the surface.

I am on Keppra but is now being reduced because of some side effects and Lamotrigine is being added. Keppra makes me so tired and quite angry and the headaches OMG! Had to leave my job (was a PCSO and about to go into regular Police) lost license etc etc and not working atm but will be volunteering for MIND mental health charity to get back into work slowly.

Kind of getting head round it all and know that stress causes a lot of my seizures, my dad diagnosed with cancer last Nov passed in March only 64 which set me off and also we are being evicted which does not help stress levels. Going on a course for people with long term conditions soon which should help as so much has changed. Hate the loss of independence and driving and constant worry if I don't feel right.

What I would like to ask though is does anyone get pins and needles in arms and legs? mine is not panful and actually feels quite nice at times, sort of numbness, it comes and goes. It started in my hands and Doc said Carpal Tunnel syndrome but now its hands arms and all of my legs? is this a symptom? Going back to Docs of course but thought I would ask on here.

Thanks for reading guys


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Gosh, it sounds like things have been tough for you. Somehow we all manage to keep going!

My experience is I get pins and needles - numbness and tingling, in my right arm and upper back when I have a simple partial seizure. Definitely talk to your doctor about what you've described.

Take care


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I get Pins and Needles as part of my Aura. So yes i would advise going back to your doctor.

Take care :)


My daughter gets the same...."I like it" tickly feeling in her tummy, sometimes though she cries and says she doesn't, this all happens before a big seizure for her.


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