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An American Cousin named Cheryl

An American Cousin named Cheryl

I'm 60 years old, living in Anchorage, AK and doing quite well. Unlike many dealing with epilepsy, I am recently diagnosed with it (2015). My neurologist found my epilepsy to be a relatively rare transition from severe migraines to absence seizures to tonic clonic seizures. When I described finding myself on the floor several times at various times (afternoon, nighttime after going to sleep), Dr. ordered sleep studies, EEG, etc. However, there was no particular area of my brain from which the seizures seemed to emanate. In the transition from migraines to seizures, I now know that, when any one of the several types of aura I have seen over the range of my life appears, it is a warning. It is time to lay down and "de-stress" before things reel out of control.

My medications work well together now. Other than a six week diagnostic period where various levels and types of medication were tried and evaluated, I am certified safe to drive by my neurologist. I was ready to give away a brand new car to my son and daughter-in-law but, in the end, not necessary

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Hi I have something similar to you but I was told it was non epileptic seizures because there was no brain activity on the EEG


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