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Anybodys seizures ever change over time? (Years)

So when I first started having seizures about 7 years ago, I used to stare into space, drool, my head would drop, I would mumble. Then they changed to a me saying a few words, moving around repeatitively, occasionally swearing... now they have changed again, my friends and family say, my whole facial expressions are nothing but sheer terror and panic, I make moaning noises, sometimes fall, stumble around, clench my fists and squeeze onto anything, I scream and say weird absurd phrases.... I have never heard of anyone else having anything similar, but up until now, have never had the opportunity to ask? Thanks in advance. Xx

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The aura you talk of for me has vanished over time. That tightness in the neck muscles and twisting, gone. Now all it is, is a split second warning. My only thought is ''Awe crap here we go, just lost my job. Then wake up in hospital.


Same for me. Especially as I ride racehorses. Allways the same curse I utter to myself


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