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Treatment at Great Irmond Street

We have just been referred to Great Ormond Street and Prof Helen Cross. Does anyone else have any experience of treatment with Prof Cross?

We have been advised to try a new clinical trial for the Betashot programme. I haven't read the info yet as I've not been able to face reading about it!

Any opinions or views about GOSH and prof Crosswold be appreciated.

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Hi, I was under her when I was a child (I'm 28 now) and she really is one of the nicest Doctor's I've ever seen. I was initially referred to take part in a topiramate trial they were running at the time but once that was finished I stayed under her care until I was too old to go to GOSH. My experiences under her care were nothing but positive and I know she put my parents minds at ease too and she took the time to explain things to me which I think for children is important. Once I was an adult she recommended one of her colleagues at NHNN around the corner and he was just as lovely. Good luck with your trial :)


Thank you so much for that. That's great to hear :)


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