the scariest thing happened to me on sat 7th jan, i wasnt feeling well but new that i had to be ok for my little boy because i had to take him swimming, he has lessons. i needed to get some cash out of the machine i put my card in and i stood there just looking at the machine i had forgotten my number, if it hadnt been for my little boy taking over i dont know what i would of done, he is only 9 and a real star. this has never happened to me before. im worried if this is the start of something else i kept forgetting things all day i was jumping . has this happened to anyone else?

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  • What meds are you on? Is it a side effect of the meds, it's scary thinking your going to lose your memory. May be able to help you...

  • Lamotrigine keppra zonegran have been on these for years

  • Bless you. Sorry to hear this. Once your son told you did it come back to you? I find that when I'm mid conversation I forget a word yet I know what I'm trying to say but the word doesn't come out. It's very frustrating & sometimes embarrassing. Have you mentioned this to your neurologist?

  • Hi Carley,

    I'm taking

    Keppra,tegretol and lamotrigine.

    forgetting words mid sentence,yes embarrassing but I find it depends on how mature people are ,as they will make allowances for this if they don't ...Well nothing lost except your friendship


  • I am on lamictal, epilim, rivotril and acetazolamide and have a VNS vagal nerve stimulator fitted. I used to work in an office then I was placed onto keppra but it didn't suit me. The drug wiped my mind of all things. I tried to retrain but nothing happened.

  • I did ask him was he sure, it just wasn't there . I have mentioned this to them and they say it's something that happens I just can't see how , I also hate the fact that I can't tell my little boy stories of when I was young because I can't remember any thing from my youth.

    None epileptic S I find, find this hard to understand

  • I have very recently been diagnosed with Focal Epilepsy. On Lamotrigine. My memory and concentration, especially memory, are getting worse. Like Carly I forget words in mid conversation. I have memory lapses throughout the day and worry about this. I can be told something and the next moment I can't remember what was said. I do appreciate that some of it is probably age related but not all of it (I am 74). I agree with Lj08 that non epileptics don't understand. I overheard a conversation by so called friends "she should get herself checked out, obviously has early alzheimers". Very hurtful. Fortunately another friend pointed out that this was part of the condition I have. I hope it is, and not alzheimers, but will ask the Neurologist to confirm that this memory loss is probably age related but also due to epilepsy. Mabel5

  • That was hurtful, I sometimes wonder could others who are not suffering from a illness like epilepsy that is invisible, until it decides to show its ugly head, live life like we do? Thankful that today is a good day. A friend of mine also said something that annoyed me where usually I just ignore it but this time I couldn't, she was going on moaning about work and then said I would love not have to work like you, it must be so nice. I told yes it's great not seeing anyone all day having nothing to do after you have done the cleaning, you have know idea at least you have people to talk to and mix with you have know idea what it's like 😡.

    Sorry for moaning friends are hurtful but thank goodness for true friends that understand xx

  • Hello Lj08. Thank you for replying. Sorry to hear you have had a similar experience to mine. As you say thank goodness for true friends who are understanding. Life with epilepsy is difficult at times. I live alone and try to take each day as it comes and do things I enjoy. I have one or two hobbies, i.e. patchwork and reading. I find patchwork very therapeutic. I hope things improve for you. With all good wishes. Mabel5

  • Hi Lj08,

    I have absence fits which does to me exactly what you've just described. I have no signs that it's going to happen, and my brain is very cloudy after it.Lucky your wonderful son was there,he looks after his mum.My three girls were great too,they looked out for me when they were small,and they still do.Absence fits are not nice things.🙁

  • He really is 😊 I was having bad jerks last week and he had to give me my medication and we joked that it was the parent that feed the child not the other way round 😀 It made us both laugh and my jerks went away after a couple of hours he was very pleased to see me when I picked him up from school after having to walk on his own . He makes me laugh and smile he is great

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