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hi. ive had gran mal epilepsy since i was 13. ive had a lot of fits since and my memory is fading too. what im mainly worried about is i have a 4 year old son and pregnant with my second. when i gave birth to my son there were lots of complications due to my epilepsy. i stopped breathing and so did my son.. but thank god hes fine. im really worried about my pregnancy now. i gave birth to my son in spain and there wasnt an option to have a c section. ive just moved back to liverpool after being in spain 13 years. am i allowed to ask for a c section?? im scared incase the same repeates its self. thank you x

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You really need to talk to your Doctors about your options. You will be considered as having a "high risk" pregnancy and they will give you lots of extra appointments with doctors and midwives to discuss your options. You should also involve your neurologist and get advice from them. Especially about the medication that you are taking.

I recently had a baby (5 months ago) and received excellent care. In my case I was induced a week early because my epilepsy was getting bad towards the end of my pregnancy, but I'm sure they would discuss a c-section with you too. When you next see a midwife, tell them you want to see an obstetrician as soon as possible to discuss your options because you are very anxious and they should sort that out for you. If you don't have a midwife appt soon, ring up and request one. You are entitled to see midwives as often as you want during pregnancy.

Good luck

Amy xx


You can have a C- section only if having a normal delivery is dangerous !! and you are overdue by 6/10 days.

When I had my 3rd son, I didn't have epilepsy and he stopped breathing during the birthing process so I was given a C-section rather rapidly, all was fine and he is now 25yrs old. No epilepsy for him but I now have it.

So I am wondering are you sure the first child stopped breathing due to your epilepsy or something else ?

There are so many different complications with birth and epilepsy. I'm sure you will both be well.


Hi, I have also had severe epilepsy after the MMR jab at 14yrs. My son wasn't planned, but I was lucky & had a normal birth, they insisted I had an epidural which I didn't want, incase of a seizure, but it didn't work anyway! I know your worried with regards to giving birth & talking from a totally different sort of situation but have you thought of anything to help stress aswell? I was in ITU 4yrs ago with a swollen brain & received no recovery help, panic attacks (i thought were oncoming seizures) eventually just deep breathing & focusing on something else calmed me down.. not saying it was easy! but just thinking as well as wanting a c-section for your own health, de-stress honey, even at this stressful time! As you know stress is not a good factor x wish you lots of health & happiness x


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