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Broken Up

1994 I had a 95% blockage in my main artery and they put a stent in. Then 6 months later they found three more at my heart and they did a triple bypass. That's when it all begin, around 2 months later I started having seizures at night and woke up with peranectics around me. Went to the hospital they gave me meds and went home finding that I couldn't drive for 6 months. (Virginia state law ) This happened 3 more times and was out of work 6 months each. January 2016 had a heart attack did a graft and while there, they said that I had a seizure. Neurologist said it was caused by anxiety gave me meds for a month, was okay. (at least I thought) August 8 2016 I totaled my car and they said I had a seizure and gave me more meds. Now I'm out of work again for 6 months along with injuries to left face and right leg. It becomes overwhelming some times and I think what is going to happen next. I guess I have to deal with it like all the other times, harder to do though when you get older. I'm taking Lamictal 700mg and now along with that, Keppra 500mg ,together that's 1200mg to control it. Does anyone else take that much out there, seems to me that's a lot. Thanks for your ears!

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Hi Black Pony, you seem to be a fighter and have overcome your other setbacks. Good luck. Paul


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