Does anyone know why ketogenic diets work for epilepsy?

Hi, I wonder if anyone who knows about using the ketogenic diet for (usually childhood) epilepsy knows exactly why it works? I don't suffer from epilepsy but I have a rare condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia which has some similarities: it is treated with anti-convulsants and it features damaged/erratic neural firing (acute electric shock pain in the trigeminal nerve).

I have a theory that TN may be part of Metabolic Syndrome and just isn't recognised as such. Given that Metabolic Syndrome can effectively be treated with very low carb or ketogenic diets I wondered if it might be effective for my TN.

Although I've read about the ketogenic diet being highly successful in reducing or curing childhood epilepsy I've never seen any information as to why or how it does this.

I'd be grateful if anyone who knows about the diet or knows any research on the whys and hows of it could get in touch and share their wisdom. Many thanks!


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