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Medical Negligence? Missed on MRI

Hi All,

I had my 12-month neurology check up appointment a month ago. I had been experiencing warnings again so this was quite a lengthy appointment to work out what’s been going on, what to do next.

The neurologist (who I hadn’t seen before, only other in her team) was very kind and attentive. She thought it would be a good idea to go over the MRI again and within about 30 seconds spotted an abnormality on the hippocampus. She explained to me what she was seeing – which was quite obviously one side was different to the other, smaller, mis-shapen. So she advised we need to do another MRI and to go through the results together. Also to do a blood test. I received a letter to follow up on our appointment addressed to my doctor advising suspected hippocampus atrophy…

I am actually quite horrified that 2 years ago, I had an MRI to which I received a letter saying no abnormalities, all fine etc etc. But within minutes this neurologist pointed it out and cause for concern to do another MRI to check the status. Luckily I have had an expedited appointment for this next week but I am quite upset. Ive spent 2 years having no clue why I have epilepsy, questioning everything and all this time there's something wrong with my hippocampus which funnily enough AKA is the temporal lobe!!!! Which is the kind of epilepsy I have.

Even if the MRI comes back and its the same, this will need to be monitored and should have been the last two years – not ignored and stamped as normal. Let s not even think about what if it's worse. I’ve recently changed jobs which honestly I wouldn’t have done if I knew there was actually something physical there…Ive been told a number of times, I had no signs of physical reason for my epilepsy but its now clear as day....

Surely this is medical negligence?

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Personally I would say forget about it and focus on the new diagnosis and treatment going forward. You might find your new and old neurologists are friends or colleagues so you could end up insulting your new neurologist if you persue this as 'medical negligence'. I travel 200 miles to see mine and she asked why and I sad 'oh I don't like my local neurologist as he gives me the creeps' and see said 'that's unusual as me and him speak regularly and he always seems fine........awkward.

Also, what are you hoping to achieve?


Hi Gemgemsxx, thanks for your message. Oh dear yeah that must've been a bit awkward! It's definitely a small world so of course I don't want to piss anyone off and do anything silly.

All I would hope to achieve is to point this out, to ensure I get the best of care and make sure any tests etc I have actually get analysed properly....I am hoping now this neurologist has highlighted and has acknowledged it was missed that they will take a bit of extra care.

I do feel very vulnerable in this epilepsy world so it's handy to find out what other people are experiencing with their appointments, but it's trying to work out how to ensure these tests which are a pain in the arse to get to (like you I travel ages!) and time off work, and then it's not even looked at :-(


Epilepsy world is not a pleasant place as its so unpredictable. Hopefully you'll be lucky and have everything under control soon so you can move forward.

If your new neurologist identified a problem straight away I'm sure they will continue this goi forward. There are so terrible doctors out there but equally some really nice ones and ones that go way above the call of duty.


Good luck. You can take a claim of negligence through the trusts Patient Liaison and then I believe there's a medical ombudsman. The trust will probably admit no wrong. I have an unclear diagnosis of either epilepsy or rem sleep disorder. Everything moves slowly.


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