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Ketogenic Diet

Hi everyone,

I’ve got temporal lobe epilepsy, which started a couple of years ago.

I have been recommended by a friend that a low-card/sugar and high in fat diet (Ketogenic) and potentially some homeopathic remedies (Vertigoheel) could help me control my seizures. Has anyone had any experience of this?

I have been on Keppra since the start, and upped from 250mg to 875mg but still do not think it’s enough. I would really prefer not to up it further so using in conjunction with natural methods really appeals to me. Like other posts I’ve read, the meds do help but can slow you down and have their own side effects on top of lasting effects of epilepsy!

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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I give my little person omega 3,6,9 every day since March, seems more alert and she drinks isotopic drinks to help with sodium levels, I'm very new to this as my little person only came into my care in January (foster care) ...what is vertigoheal please?




Hi Kyliebosh!

Thanks for your reply. I may try the omega and isotopic drinks and see if they help - being more alert wouldn't go amiss!

Vertigoheel - I was told by a homeopath it may help, they had seen positive results having this in combination with the medication. Im quite tempted to give another a go so I don't have to take too many tablets ;-)


I don't know much about the ketogenic diet, but from what I have heard, this is generally used with children.

Have you tried any other medications? If keppra is the only one you have been on, it may be that another would work better for you. I found keppra gave me bad side effects but I get better control and no side effects from epilim chrono which I take now.



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