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Overdue, Labour & Epilepsy

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can give me advice on I'm currently 40 weeks pregnant, Epileptic (taking tegretol (Carbamezapine) and waiting for the arrival of my baby. Thankfully after many many scans the baby seems to be all Okay and I have remained seizure free throughout pregnancy.

I am now 40weeks pregnant and no sign of baby yet - the consultant is Happy for me to have a normal spontaneous vaginal birth - however we never spoke about going overdue - is this somethings that was assessed with your consultant within pregnancy?

I'm booked in for a sweep at 40+6. Are there any risks with going too long after due date especially for epileptics?

Be good to hear any experiences.

Thank you


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I was recently induced at 39 weeks, but this was because my epilepsy had got worse towards the end of my pregnancy. I think if you have not had any problems there is no reason to worry now.

Anyway, although we are given a due date at 40 weeks, the average length of a first pregnancy is 41 weeks so although you may be "overdue" according to the date you were given, your pregnancy has not yet gone on for any longer than normal.

My neurologist also told me it is very unusual for someone to have a seizure during labour, the biggest risk is afterwards because of the strain your body has been through. I had a seizure four days after my son was born, but I have not had any more in the six weeks since.

I hope this is helpful. At this stage, if you are worried about anything, you should be able to get an emergency appointment with your neurologist, or at least speak to one over the phone.

Good luck!



Hi Lindsey

I am a Midwife a mum and I am also living with Epilepsy the following comments do not replace the advise of your obstetric team ...they know you best ...just some thoughts

Glad yourpregnancy has gone so well. Sounds like your care have been well managed .

There are no specific risks that i am aware of associated with being over dates in a woman with Epilepsy

The membrane sweep is often a useful way of giving Labour a bit of a help to get going .I do hear you are worried ...you could ask for an earlier sweep and it can always be repeated .Some areas start membrane sweeps from 39 to 40 weeks ...

So long as your baby is moving normally & You ,your Midwife and Consultant are happy with your progress ...then I would just try and enjoy the last few day of peace before your little one arrives ....because it will I promise even if it doesn't feel like that right now .Good Luck let's know how you get on


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