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Vitamin K in last week's of pregnancy

I am just about to start 10mg of Vitamin K - in the last 2 weeks of My pregnancy. I currently take Carbamezapine and as an enzymE Inducing drug it is recommended I take this supplement to help with blood clotting. (As well as the vitamin k injection for baby when born)

I have two consultants - one said she would advise I take it - and has given me a prescription - the other has said it isn't necessary but is up to me!

I have also been told by my pharmacy that the dose will be in the form of vials which I will have to take orally as there is no tablet form in the uk???!!! No idea how I will do that!

Concerned that there is No need for me to take this and it's just another med in my body. But also want to make sure baby and me has best chance possible. Can anyone help with their own experiences or facts!

Thank you!

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I had a baby recently (he is now 5 weeks old) and was not told anything about this. I know the reason why babies are given it at birth is because they are not born with very much but I think most adults should have enough vit K. Were you given a reason by the consultant who wants you to take it? Is there a chance you medication has depleted your supply? (I take a different AED, epilim chrono)

If I were you I would probably take it, as it is only for two weeks and only a vitamin supplement (although I would check if you take a pregnancy multivitamin whether it includes vit K because if it does you're probably OK). At this stage your baby is fully developed so you shouldn't do them any harm by taking an extra med.

Good luck with everything. Becoming a mummy is so wonderful!

Amy xx


Thanks for your reply Amy and congratulations on your baby boy! Yes I think because I take Carbamezapine which is enzyme inducing (depletes vitamin k) some think it is good for the mother to take extra just before the birth too. I have read lots of things about it online and it still seems like a grey area - some countries it's a staple extra - others not. Especially as the UK don't have an oral form - only these vials which I have no idea how I'm going to take! (One for the pharmacist when I pick them up today) I don't think there is enough research to prove it helps for sure either. A good article is this one: medscape.org/viewarticle/75...

Yes I do take a multivitamin but 10mg of vitamin K is a level that is nowhere near what you can buy in health stores so would not be enough.

I guess there will be no adverse effects it cannot hurt I was just very interested to hear if any other women had done this also.

Thanks again and I hope you are loving motherhood!

Lyndsey x


my ex fiance (b4 i realized was gay) did all that but miscarried at 3mnths so no help sorry


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