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The life of 21 year old shasha

The life of 21 year old shasha

Hi my name is shasha-lee. I'm from South Africa. I was a premature baby,due to that...the doctors picked up that I have a malfunction in my brain. Which is called Arnold chiari malformation. At the age of only just 6 years old I had a massive 17hour brain operation. Then my parents thought everything was okay. Until I went to high school. At the of 16 I started having these seizures...the doctors cannot give me a straight answer. They say I have partial epilepsy. Since then I've been on hundreds of anti-epileptic drugs,that didn't help. I'm currently on the Epilizine,500mg in the morning and 600mg in the evening. To say the truth this stuff is really messing with my body. I'm losing weight,my hormones are out of control...etc. I would really appreciate your help and support. Thank you guys. Please feel free to give me any advice. Thank you for reading my life story 

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Hi Shasha Lee I'm quite new to seizures and seem to mainly have them in my sleep. I started treatment with Epilim and the Tegretol in early March this year. I had side effects from both but worse with Epilim. Typically headaches, nausea, low mood and low motivation. I stopped Tegretol last Friday and am actually feeling physically better for it. I see a neuro consultant next week for the first time. My own seizures were mainly in sleep though I was aware things weren't right. Now I'm feeling better unmedicated but will probably not get my driving license back. Perhaps you could weigh up the consequences of being untreated by medication against the benefits of not contending with side effects of meds? Good luck Paul 💐


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