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Recording seizures in sleep.

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Hi can anyone advise about a camera with recording capability, night vision so I can review my sleep to check if I'm continuing to have seizures in my sleep? I'm on ESA review rate which is £75 or less a week so don't have a big budget. There are literally thousands on Amazon but not clear if they do the job. One possible has a £8 monthly subscription so not much use on a tight budget. All I want is a camera that will record to a sd card or use memory stick which I can review on fast forward on my tv to check if anything happens. Any suggestions gratefully received. 🐣

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Hi, I feel your pain as have a similar problem with deciding what to buy. Instead I moved into my son's room as he is the sufferer.  Advice I have been given is to look into a security camera with night vision. Can get them from £30+. Most of them starts recording once when movement detected and also sends alert to an App on phone, tablet etc. At least you wont need to go through hours of footage.  I guess it depends on the type of seizures you get and whether it will be picked up. Good luck. X

Only camera I know of is a go pro my daughter managed to get a cheap one for a £156 but she had to save as she is only a student, she records herself sleep walking. I have seen cheaper ones on eBay though so maybe have a look there x

Hi pauley was just wondering did you ever find s camera to record yourself and how did it go?

Hi LJ I posted on other sites but no one has come up with a suggestion. I'm surprised nobody has wanted to do this. I will probable buy the ELISA Live camera which offers the function but uploads via wifi with £8 a month subscription. Maybe as a last resort I'll try posting on some sleep disorder forums. Thanks for your interest. 😀

Hi Everybody I plumped for a camera from Mustcam. It was easy to set up, decent night vision and allows recording to a SD card. I review the recording the next day in 3 min blocks. I ignore apart from where there's movement after a quiet period and it takes maybe half an hour. Does the job and cost £32 on Amazon. I'm letting you know for future reference if anyone else has a similar issue. Best wishes to all 🐶

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