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And now for some good news ?

I'm 65 and have had gelastic epilepsy from birth. Tonic clonics started approx. 25 years ago at a time of great stress. Like some others the memory difficulties originally exhibited with an increased ability to remember numbers - this remains. Memory loss was/is spatial and episodic. Having heard of the "Mozart effect" on memory I gave it a try, with no expectation of success. My usual fit pattern was a mild gelastic of full uncontrolled laughter approx. 4 times daily with tonic clonic and a week of "hallucogenic" experience approx. monthly.. Some 2 days after listening  to Mozart there was an increase in the gelastic frequency but a decrease in severity until reaching a point where the gelastic was little more than a slight smile and there were no tonic-clonic's.  They then disappeared. The situation was recorded under MRI at the London Neurological Hospital and the situation confirmed with results published in the Lancet. (Gelastic is caused by a hamertoma on the hypothalamus - an area too deep in the brain too operate on in the UK but has been successfully done in Australia and U.S. An attempt at an operation had been made on meme using gamma rays)

My epilepsy with associated memory loss re-appeared after approx. 10 weeks but the results had been far better than any drugs previously taken - you might like to give it a go. I never stopped or changed the medication whilst listening to the music.

Interested to hear of your results (K478) seemed especially good for me.

On a separate matter, anybody had deep religious experiences (of any sort) during their fits ?

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I've never heard of this Mozart effect before. Is it just related to your kind if epilepsy or been recorded with others as well? I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy.  




There have been a number of positive studies which do not focus on a particular form of epilepsy. Just go to the Net and enter "Epilepsy Mozart"

Incidentally, my earlier posting should have referred to K448 and not K478 - sorry.

Otherwise, good luck.



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