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Hi my mother in law had a seizure about 2 weeks ago. She went to the hospital but was later realised and went home. Later that day she had another seizure. Each time she was difficult to wake up. The doctor at the hospital said it could have been an epileptic fit/episode. On Thursday so had a ct scan and got a phone call today to ask her to come in to the hospital on Saturday. The whole ordeal as really worried my wife and the rest of the family. Is it normal to get the results this quickly?

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Hi Buddy,

Glad to hear you have results... Yes, it is normal to get results so quickly. Hoping they can find a good solution for your mother-in-law and that she will be put on medication soon. It takes months to find the correct medication and dosage, but once she has seen the Doctor or Neurologist, you will have more understanding in this regard. I have had epilepsy now for 42 years and you are welcome to communicate further if any queries.

Please keep us posted as to her progress!





I am sorry to read of the news of your mother-in-laws health issues with epilepsy.

Usually when a person who has never had epilepsy before, and then has two attacks of epilepsy in such quick succession to each other means that they have to have be analysysed by a neurologist who will ask for electroencephalogram EEG and or Videotelemetry tests to take place

The results of the aforesaid tests will be needed to see what part of the brain is generating the epilepsy to come on etc,

Likewise the neurologist will then be able to select what anti epilepsy drugs AEDs he will need to prescribe to put your mother-in-law

Here's wish you all well and tell your wife and her mother not to worry as worry is not a good thing for epilepsy sufferers and likewise the AEDs could well control the epilepsy

Kind regards



I'm sorry to hear about your mother in law but Les & Richard couldn't have worded it better for me. I suddenly had 2 seizures very close together when I was 28 years old. I had tests & my results came through very quickly. It took the neurologist quite a while to work out my medication but now I love a very normal & healthy life. Wishing you all the best.



Hi, Once the Neurologist has sorted what tablets she needs, She should be fine. I have had epilepsy for about thirty years. Hope everything went ok.



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