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Epilepsy suddenly worse


Diagnosed with right temporal lobe Epilepsy about 17months ago. Up until then throughout whole life from childhood onwards I experienced "episodes" I.e absences, strong/violent judders/shudders, really bad reactions to stress. . .

I am 30 now, the last year the episodes have been far more frequent. I don't know why, or if they will stop. In the lead up to them getting worse and having a single grand mal I had gone through 3years of huge life changing stressful situations, I'm wondering if the stress levels have worsened it? Also wondering if anyone else out there had something like it all their life without knowing and it got worse?

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Hi, I am sorry to hear your seizures have worsened. Stress is known to be a trigger.

I was told by my doctor that low grade stress was particularly problematic. Getting through an immediately stressful situation is not the issue. It is the period after that where seizures can become more problematic.

We all have problems they cannot always be avoided. I now treat myself kindly following a deeply stressful event and my health has been much better. I had to learn to prioritise my health.

Good luck. Please talk to a doctor you like.

MattheEp in reply to 6002athome

Thank you for the reply.

Never really thought about the duration after the stress subsides but you are absolutely right, I find that the worst part too. The knock on effect can last for over a week for me after stressful events.

How long do they last for you?

6002athome in reply to MattheEp

I'm not sure is the honest answer. I had some upsetting news yesterday and found my brain taking a route I have come to recognise as epileptic about 20mins later. This was the time in which I had switched off from the problem and had moved on to something else. I was not really concentrating on anything. Whilst dealing with the news there was no problem at all. Other than that I have been fine. I'll keep a watch on that one.

Like so many others I did try to reroute my brain at the time and this seemed to work.

I yes I have had same eperience as you I think what as caused it is that I have had a lot of stress with family and other things take medication but nothing seems to work

MattheEp in reply to richard1554

Sorry to hear your meds don't work.

I am finding mine are working pretty well.

But stress, abnormal amounts for the situation sometimes, it seems to be a trigger for pretty harsh jolts/shudders/twitches.

Relaxation and sleep are what helps me the most, just switching off.

hi will try just switching off and see how it goes got appointment with nuroligist he going to fit a revel device to try and get me to relax hope it does

MattheEp in reply to richard1554

Good luck with neurologist


Sleep debt is horrible.

Hope it works for you

I will keepin touch and let you know how I get onthank you for the reply

I had right side temporol lobe lobectomy done in december 2013 as my seizures were refractory having suffered 15yrs with it i decided i had enough none of the tablets worked i was either allergic to them or the side effects i couldnt tollerate it didnt matter if i had enough sleep or no sleep no stress or very stressed i had them no mattet wot best thing was nobody could tell when i was having them apart from close family n friends as i functioned normally i had a years worth of tests done before i had surgery best thing ever would recommend it to anyone x


Hi MattheEp,

I have had epilepsy for 42 years now and am 58 years of age. I am slowly recovering from a serious Tonic Clonic seizure which happened about 9 days' ago... My seizures started off as Absence/Partial seizures then as I got older they got worse and turned into Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal).

This last seizure was the worst I have ever had but has happened at least 2 weeks after an enormous stressful situation both from an employment and personal point of view. I had only one week to go before I reached 12 months seizure free, then blew it all due to stress and I am sure other reasons.

Tiredness can also have a big impact so make sure you get enough sleep and get to see a Neurologist for more testing.

It is hard not to stress but this seizure almost put me into Status Epilepticus and has frightened me more after such a long seizure free period.

Please take care!


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