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Company blocked my number because of epilepsy

Hi everyone,

I've been looking for work for over 3 months now since I finished my A levels and about 2 weeks ago I got a call from a company that I really wanted to call me, saying they loved my CV and everything was good and they wanted to interview me. Near the end of the call I mentioned that I had epilepsy, and the next day they said they'd call me back later but never called. I called them the next day and they didn't answer so today I called them and found that they'd blocked my number. I'm pretty sure it's because of my epilepsy, and I really didn't think this would happen, I thought stuff like this only happened at school, so it really upset me. Should I put details of my epilepsy on my CV in future so this can't happen again? My epilepsy wouldn't have affected the job if I'd have got it otherwise I wouldn't have applied, I don't understand why this happened. Any advice would really be appreciated. Thank you x

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Hello Ruby,

This is rotten for you. Personally I don't think that there's anything that you can do about this.

In the meantime I suggest that you speak to Epilepsy Action advice line 0808 800 5050 and see what advice they can give to you.

Are you registered disabled

I wish you well.



Thank you for the advice, I will speak to the Epilepsy Action advice line, thank you for giving me the number as well. Yes I am registered disabled. I wish you well too



Hello again Ruby,

I too am registered disabled for my temporal lobe epilepsy.

I wish you well in life

Kind regards



It's a shame what happened and it shouldn't have happened.

In future, there are two things you could do to make sure you are in a good legal position. Either wait till you have a job offer (in writing) before mentioning any disability. Then you know you have been treated fairly and if they try and cancel it out when they find out about your epilepsy you can take legal action.

Alternatively, when you fill out a job application form, if you tick the box that says you have a disability you want to disclose (you don't HAVE to) AND you fulfil all the requirements (job descriptions always have a list of requirements and a list of preferred skills), they have to give you an interview. Note that if you do not fulfil all the requirements (eg you don't have a qualification or skill they require) they don't have to give you the interview. Also you have no guarantee of getting the job.

I know this is no good for what happened, but might be useful in the future.

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I always believed what happened to yourself to have been around when I returned to civilian life after being invalided from the army 1968. As my seizures were rare I never divulged my epilepsy to any employer even when working overseas. When you applied for a job details of health and religion were on the application form. Now we are told not to put a non sounding English name on the job application as you will never get an interview. Having Epilepsy also had repercussions if you applied for a mortgage or life insurance, you just didn't get them. I am talking of the late 60s and 70s. What happens now I don't know. It is only in the last few years that I have told people that I have epilepsy. I do not have to go back too many decades that the mention of the word and you we be thought of as mentally ill. I was born in the early 40s and people with epilepsy were being locked away in mental institutions. I still get looked at by some people with suspicion that I have some major deformity.

Yes, I do believe that we are being discriminated by many different organisations.

What gets me is when was the last time has someone rattled a collecting tin under your nose in the street collecting for Epilepsy (the same can be said for the British Lung Foundation I have a foot in that camp too).

I received some posters from Epilepsy Research UK but my GP surgery will not display them because they are asking for money.

Write to your MP.



Im really sorry to hear that. I know how your feeling, in interviews they ask you if tou have any health problems and you say epilepsy and they just push you away i think its pathetic and everyone should have a choice


I cannot say how disappointed I was to hear this Ruby5. In this day and age people still discriminate please don't be discouraged by this deplorable company.


Hi Ruby,

You don't have to tell prospect employers that you are eplileptic unless it would effect the job. I would report the company for discrimination.

I've only recently been diagnosed so didn't experience of the school based issues you may have but I do feel that some of my employees attitudes towards me have changed since I was diagnosed.

All the best in the job search!


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