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Epilepsy and personality

Hello to the community! My epilepsy is caused by a large AVM that ruptured and left a scar near the sensory region in the right hemisphere of my brain. I have had one Grand Mal and have Petite Mals. I feel it has affected my personality, which on occasion manifests itself as sudden flashes of anger, which come upon me without me knowing. I have been working on this all my life. I'm wondering if others have similar experiences?


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Do you take any anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs)? What you mentioned is a known side effect of keppra.


Hi AmyBadd,

I saw this post and poked my nose in because I was hoping to learn or get answers from others on same line.

I am on mix of Keppra and Lamotrigene and three years down the road am geting massive mood swings, depression and paranioa. Can all this be pointed at the Kappra?

My epilepsy is due to left temporal lobe tumour so unsure if it the meds or the brain?

See neuro next month so will put on list of questions as han't thought about meds being possible cause.


Yes definitely if you take keppra this is a likely source of what you describe (or so I am lead to believe). In fact my neurologist told me about it being called "keppra rage" by some people!! When I was on keppra, my parents described my personality changing completely, but not so much mood swings, the described me as "spaced out" like I was high or something. I didn't take it for very long.

I think if you take a combo of drugs there is an even bigger risk of these side effects although lamotrigine alone doesn't have many side effects I don't think.


Thanks so much for the info. As I say I see the neuro next month although I don't hold out much hope he seems fixed on his ideas being the right one and nobody elses opinion matters.

Turns out one of my neighbours was a nurse on the neuro ward that he covered and told me nobody likes him because he's so arrogant and nevr wrong or mistaken.

Hoping things are improving with you and that the seizures remain controlled.

What AED's are you on now? Just so I have some idea as to what I may be able to ask to try if suitable.

Best wishes



Yes thanks, I am now on epilim chrono. Neither keppra or lamotrigine worked for me at all but epilim worked immediately. I actually went 7 years without any seizures but then had two tonic clonic seizures last year. The last one I had was in October. Both of these were in sort of exceptinal circumstances (extreme physical exhaustion/illness) so I am now also prescribed clobazam which is a sort of fast acting "top-up" medicine I can take if I feel I am at risk in this way.

The only problem with epilim (sodium valproate) is that it increases risk of developmental problems in foetuses so they are wary of giving it to young women and girls. I have reduced my dose to a low dose because I want to have children soon and I am doing well at this low dose level.


Thank you so much for the reply with current meds that I may ask neuro if would be suitable for me.

I'm so sorry to hear of your relapse last year but glad to hear that your meds have been changed to suit and are now currently stable.

As I'm a 60 year old male I think the concerns over developmental issues may not apply to me ;-).

I wish so much for your success in starting a family. I am lucky enough to have, a soon to be 30 year old, daughter who is close to qualifying as an accountant and a just turned 27 year old son who has just been awarded rank of Petty Officer in the Royal Navy, he still has another year to go before he completes the training as Petty Officer Engineering.

I am also lucky enough to have a grand daughter who turned 5 at the beginning of last month so have been able to re-live parenthood with the bonus it's not full time, don't be put off the part time bit relief is only because of my age.

Make the very most of their development years, especially the early ones because they pass so quickly and are such fun, partly because they say exactly what they're thinking with no restriction on social conscience. She recently said "I love you Grumpy SO much" when asked why she kindly replied "Because you're SO OLD Grumpy".

Stay well and every success on the start of the family.

Kindest regards Geoff


I went through 14 years of, petite mal brain absence seizures. Caused after an extreme grand mal seizure. This was causing emotional panic, fear of socialism, anxiety, waves of depression. Being heavily brought on by the tablets I was prescribed, It made me workout that my epilepsy is, a very cardio respiratory/vascular condition. Caused by an affliction on my temporal lobe. I've been able to consciously control my emotional senses, and regain my life very much through regular exercise, taking the stress out of my emotions, and slowing my heart down.


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