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Sleep seizures

Sleep seizures

Hi I have been having an awful lot of seizures in my sleep I have been waking up through them but I get frightenened because my throat tightens up so tight my body is shaking I feel so frightened most of the time I don't know what's going on but this morning I had a reply bad seizure I woke up I could not move I was lying flat on the couch I was really confused and I was struggling to breath and I felt my throat so tight I was shocked my body was shaking I just new my husband was there but not next to it was a strange feeling I felt terrified I have been having one almost all the time a lot more at night I keep waking up in them and cant,do any thing about it god it so hard my seizures are becoming so hard.

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Hi there, I am so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. Are you on medication? Don't you think it will be beter to go and see your doctor if they are becoming so regular?

I am no expert, my little boy has only started having them recently and we are seeing a neurologist on the 6th of Aug but seeing him have a seizure freaks me out so can only imagine how it must feel for you.

Don't have many words to bring you comfort but truly hope this is just a phase and will pass soon.

Take care



Thank you for your kind thoughts and I hope it goes well for you and your son.for me I have being trying to get treatment for nearly 3 years now it such a hard journey I have been on I have seizures all th time and getting some one to treat me is another ordeal I cant even believe it how I have been left for all this time but I have a great husband and all we have done is fight to get treated .this does not happen to every one but for me its been heart breaking if you would like to chat more I am happy to listen thank you julie x


Thank you Julie. I would suggest you ask your husband to video the next time you have one ans take that to a doctor. That it was I've done and seem to have done the trick. Hang in there! Xxx

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Hi Julie, I had seizures in my sleep for years and finally decided to take medication after a night with three massive seizures in a row. At that point I thought I was going to die. Aged 44 I took my first tablets. I no longer have nocturnal seizures and only seem to be affected by epilepsy when ill or unduly stressed.

Being in "the system" and having access to a neurologist that I respect makes a big difference.

It is truly unpleasant realising you cannot breathe, move or have messed yourself. I took two years to turn my thinking around. Keep talking. Find the right doctor.

All the best



Thank you so much for your kind message . I am so glad I am not on my own my seizures are so out of control I had seizures all night last night I have been fighting to get treatment for so long now I never had as many as I did last night. I am mortified and so scared with it all. My biggest problem is to get any one to hear me out I am lost for words how people have left me I feel very vunrerble my seizures are worse than ever I seen neurologists so awful how they left me I feel that they just left me like this I was always angry even how they talked to me I have no one medical on my side I am so scared to see how much damage my my seizures are having my memory is so appalling I have accidents my seizures are out of control I have problems getting people to talk to me or ask me questions .i hope we can talk some more and thank you. Julie xxx


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