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I suffered a 2 hour grand mal seizure in 1999, having my heart stopped for 4 minutes. I was placed on Tegretol to control my epilepsy, it created extreme panic, fear, anxiety and depression. It destroyed my social life and my engineering career, leaving me suffering from constant emotional stress & epileptic seizures on a daily basis through sleep, and a regular basis through the day. In January 2010 I found my self in Leeds, after becoming homeless in London with my epilepsy. I prayed to grandma who had been the diamond in my youth to me, and that same day I bumped into a couple of missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints (ie) The Book Of Mormon. Since then I have found my career as personal fitness trainer, my understanding of my epilepsy is that it is a very cardio respiratory condition. I was born with the condition but didn't know I had it until I was 20 years old. Cigarettes & tea caused a serious problem (ie) nicotine & caffeine creating stimulation in my body, and my bodies fitness level couldn't cope with my nerves. I joined the local Church and the gym, I've been through a good 5 years of change. The medicine has been changed to pregablin & I ended up at St Pauls mental health unit with the crisis team in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire they put me on quetiapine to create drowsiness. This has answered the extreme problems I had with, short term memory loss, pure fear, anxiety and depression. Trust me fitness is a key to the nervous system, you just need to be doing it with the right breathing patterns, to strengthen your heart, lungs and muscles to rid the extreme feelings & thoughts and raise the confidence in your mind.

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I am sorry that you have hit a rough patch. Depression can be a horrific thing which both dominate and take over out lives.

When I lost my dear wife Lorna in January last year that I really sank to the very bottom in depression. Lornas family were all there for me.

But they told me that I really needed counselling because it I had sunk so low.

I took their counsel and saw a excellent counsellor who over a period of time slowly but surely got me back up to the top again. My counsellor told me that she would help me but I would have to help myself to get up to the top again.

I still feel extremely lonely, but I fully realise that life doesn't stop for any of us.

Sometimes one tries to get by on ones own, but there are times in life when we all need help. I leave you decide whether counselling is for you.

I also suffer from temporal lobe epilepsy (which I personally believe can, in my case case be pre-empted by anxiety and depression alike.

My epilepsy can put the fear of God into me, causing me to shut down my television and radio, and sit here waiting for the next clap of thunder and lightning to strike. Horrific!

However I know that I have to beat this or this will beat me and simply take over my life. This is a no go, I simply have to think positively and start to lead a normal life again. Extremely difficult but it can be done.

Remember on ITunes you can download some very good Relaxation CDs which can also help you.

Whatever decision you make I wish you all the very best.

Take care


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