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An update & Sleep deprivation test question?

Hi all I hope you are well. I came here a few weeks ago for some advice after my possible seizure activity got worse. (Seeing lights & visual disturbances/vertigo/out of body sensations/ absences/ loss of consciousness/ intense nausea/ de ja vu and odd rising sensations- to name a few!)

Thanks to everyone for all of your advice & for sharing your experiences, it's been very helpful.

I saw a neurologist and I have been sent for an MRI and a sleep deprivation EEG next week.

I'm being investigated for epilepsy & migraine aura (don't get a headache)

Has anyone had a sleep deprivation test? What is it like?

My seizures are still regular but I've been managing them by sleeping and avoiding stress so it's not been too bad. The visual seizures are still going strong...

Thanks everyone!

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In my case I was told for the first not to go to bed at all. But the recent one was go to bed, wake at 2am then stay awake for a test at 9:30. It may well be that they have found the latter to be better as it is 30yrs since the first. Other than that it is like a normal EEG


From my experiences, control your breathing. Deep breaths in your hold it for couple of seconds, and breath slowly out your mouth. And think about exercise, breath in your nose when your go down with gravity, breath out your mouth when your coming up. Your heart & lungs are a lot to do with your nerves.


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