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Stopping in tracks while remembering something?

Hi all, I'm very new to this and spoke to lots of you with my older Help? Post. Thanks to your helpful advice I saw my GP who has said she believes I am showing seizure activity, caused by an atypical migraine or epilepsy. She was leaning towards epilepsy.

Just to rule out other things I am having a CT scan before I see a neuro in May.

I'm trying to make sense of my symptoms before I see this doctor, so I just want to ask a few questions.

Does anyone here get stopped in their tracks suddenly, to be pulled into an intense memory? For example I was making the bed, then suddenly stopped. I was in an intense memory, conscious but so focused on this memory not engaged with my surroundings. I found myself moving my mouth in a strange way over my teeth.

I have a variety of episodes like this, and always come back in at the very end and notice what strange thing I'm doing. Sometimes have my hand against my lips or in my mouth. Very odd.

Another strange episode, I was in bed and suddenly felt as if I was upside down. I knew I wasn't and was conscious, but physically I felt as if I was hanging upside down, incredibly strange experience that lasted a few minutes then faded away.

I get this shaky feeling and a rising in my stomach, which quickly turns into a nausea like motion sickness. My head goes incredibly foggy and I feel in a haze. I tremble all over and the nausea is painful and terrible. My ears feel full and my vision is unclear, when this last happened some shirts hanging to dry (indoors) looked like they were rippling in the breeze, they definitely weren't. I can vaguely be aware of where I am and who is around, but if the radio or TV was on Id be unable to recognise that for example. Speaking feels so difficult and almost impossible. I just have to sit quietly until this wave passes and fades away. From start (feeling a bit off) to end (completely recovered except for feeling tired) it takes 20 min.

Finally, I see weird lights daily. Triggered by patterns, bright sunlight, bulbs and flashing lights. I see dots and halos of objects and shimmering little clear dots. Sometimes separate sometimes all together, but everyday. I thought it lasted for hours but now see it lasts for a few seconds then comes back again and again.

Also does anyone's nose run, or ears ring, or get a weird head pain (pressure not a headache) as a seizure begins?

Sorry for the long post! Im just trying to make sense of these weird things, before seeing a doctor and saying "I feel like I'm upside down" which seems a very odd thing to say.

Thank you all for your time and advice, it's incredibly helpful.

K x

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Hi kalmillar, sorry to hear you are going through a rough period at this time. All the above are definitely auras just before a seizure or minor seizures occurring... Perhaps try and push for an earlier appointment for CT scan and seeing the Neurologist in May. Memory loss is a symptom, as well as all the others you are experiencing. The quicker you are put on medication, the better.


Hi Kalmillar i must say i don't remember having any of those things you describe to be honest but everyone is different of course .Then again i rarely remember anything before or after a seizure .It certainly sounds disturbing to me you have all those occurences so i hope you get some expert help soon.



Hi Kalmilar. Glad to hear you have got some idea of what it all may be. I have epilepsy approx 9 years. My seizure type is partial seizure which in the past then led onto tonic clonic seizures. Since oct time I have been experiencing visual disturbances also. Lumious purple blobs lines etc in my vision. Bright lights seem to trigger it. I had an app today with my consultant about this. He said the episodes sound very like occular migranes and a new sensitivity to light. Getting referred to eye docs for them to do a few checks too just to be sure. Hope this info is helpful.


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