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I was terminated from my job for not being able to drive a froklift due to my epilepsy. I won the case with EEOC and my contract was breached over six years while i fought for the judgement that was already won and documented. Now the place is saying"Statue of limitations because they delayed the time to respond. I was also framed for tax evasion as they told the IRS that they payed me the money that I was still fighting for. What do I do? I need help. Defamation of character wrongful termination and breach of contract. Now they are claiming "Statues of limitations." it was their fault that my time was delayed!

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  • * paid.

  • Hi gainous 1 I'm having issues at work they have suspended me as I have never told work about my epilepsy I only suffer with small turns partial seizures and I use a truck at work and the trucks pick up your pulse from both hand's or won't run so I know is not a problem with safety to me or other so I have told them about the epilepsy and they are being awkward so wot would you recommend next

  • They have to find you alternative employment if they can because it is not your fault. Obviously it is not safe for you to be driving trucks, but if they have other roles within the company that you are qualified for you should be re-deployed to one of those. Although it might not be what you want to be doing, at least it will mean you have some income whilst figuring out what to do next. You might want to go for advice at your local job centre (they have people who specialise in cases like yours) as well as checking out the stuff on the epilepsy research website.


  • Amybadd thanks for the reply there is no danger using the truck because the type of truck I have a long warning before it happens if it happens and the time it happens and the type of seizure turn I have over 5yrs clear it's people's view on epilepsy that have not changed we have a company Dr Who has not asked me one thing about it he thinks he knows best but as you well know it affects people in different ways and wot causes it and if I take this to a tribual they will not win and they will look foolish being a global company I will drag there name through the mud

  • Hello gainous1, Epilepsy Action has information that you may find helpful. You can contact them, and also the other organisations they recommend: All the best, ERUK_RI

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