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Hi all, I don't myself have epilepsy but my 4 year old daughter does. She was diagnosed with benign rholandic epilepsy when she was 3. When she has a seizure it generally starts with a spasm in her lip and vomiting then progresses to her arm and then her whole body. She's on tegratol twice a day, the side effects can be horrendous and the main issue I'm having is the idea it can effect learning. She starts school this year (she currently goes to pre school 3 days a week). I can't sleep properly since her first seizure, ant noise from her room and I'm awake. Does anyone else have children in a similar position?

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Have you looked into the ketogenic diet? It has been effective for lots of kids with epilepsy. There are lots of resources online about it; the one below is just one.


I agree with you about Tegratol--I'd definitely try the diet and see if you can get her off that.


I've looked at the diet and one of my friends has looked at it and has shown a bit of concern about the similarities to the atkins diet. I think it can effect protein levels which can also have a negative impact. She had a seizure this morning so just waiting to hear from the specialist.


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