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temporal lobe epilepsy and depression


Hi All, I'm a temporal lobe epileptic and find that I suffer terribly with worry, anxiety and panic! I've always been a worrier and have been told recently that this is likely to be linked to the Epilepsy I have. Does anyone else suffer with this? and if so, how do you deal with this as it's driving me crazy!


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My son also suffers from a degree of anxiety. Usually it's about too many things happening at once and try to keep on top of events. He is using a wall planner and cork board to make sure he has advanced warning of things to come. Panic is often due to an active imagination - about things that MIGHT happen, but more often than not, don't. Hope this helps a little.

I too am a worrier. Recently I've had a lot more worries than usual. It has resulted in my having a Grand Mal for the first time in more than 30 years. It's almost driving me crazy too but music and relaxation exercises help to some degree.

Hello i had right sided temporol lobe epilepsy and was always worried and anxious to the degree of when was the next seizure but in december 2013 all that changed when i had a temporol lobe lobectomy and i am now seizure free it wad getting harder as i was getting older and more drug resistant so i went down the surgical route and its been brilliant x

bookkeeper in reply to jules1973

Well Done

Hi Robotnics,

I have epilepsy caused by a slow growing tumour (diffuse and inoperable) in the left medial temporal lobe.

From what I can tell, from posts both here and other epilepsy sites and forums, epilepsy is a very individual condition that affects all of us differently but with some basic similarities.

I often get rapid and unpredictable mood swings, I also quite often get quite 'down' because of the other symptoms and the seizures (I get complex focal and simple focal seizures 2 to 3 times a week) that come without warning and leave me confused and very tired.

I've found a lot of the anxiety issues that I have are due to the uncertainty and unpredictability of the seizures, loss of confidence in my ability to cope and the unknown future I face.

I'm am currently taking part in a six session course (sessions fortnightly) run by my local medical practice specifically for people with long term conditions and pain. I've found it amazingly useful being among other people that 'get it' when you talk about your issues. The help, advice and support from the organisers is brilliant. I've learned coping strategies, relaxation techniques, pacing myself, exercise and healthy eating so far (two more sessions to go). If you are lucky you're own medical practice may run similar courses if not your GP may be able to refer you to one. The course run by my practice is free.

I hope this is of some help and comfort to you.

I don't know how long you have had epilepsy but I prefer to say I suffer from or have epilepsy rather than I'm epileptic. I save epileptic for the seizures and epilepsy for the condition which is an illness/medical condition like any other. I have epilepsy and suffer epileptic seizures. It's a small difference but I find it less isolating and better explains to others that it is a medical condition rather than a defining feature of me.

Sorry gone a bit of a ramble but do hope this helps.

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Perfectly Said 💜

I have temporal lobe epilepsy and something that worries me a lot is that my memory is quite bad, I try to keep stress to a low level as this causes seizures with me. At present I am not sleeping very well and this affects my seizures as well, I am affected by yawning from my drugs and in turn this causes me to get depressed easily.

jules1973 in reply to Glyndy

Everytime you have a seizure you are getting a little bit more brain damaged ask if its possible for the surgical option its well worth it

Responding for my daughter. Yes she does have anxiety and stress but she is also hyperthyroid. What to do Chamomile/Lemongrass Tea a in day and Valerian capsules at night

I did have temporol lobe epilepsy that was refractory and the older i was getting the worse it was getting so i bit the bullet and had a temporol lobe lobectomy done a year past last december which has been a complete success been seizure free since i could only imagine what it would be like to be seizure free well i am living it its been fantastic well worth the months of being inactive took 5 months and further few to feel great but its worth it it really is

Robotnics in reply to jules1973

what does that involve? ie time off work? medication? etc

jules1973 in reply to Robotnics

U stay on the same medication for years i had 5 months of work and i felt ready to go back u will be totally inactive for at least 3 months it totally floors you but its well worth the wait

Hi I also have epilepsy which manifested in grand mal seizures,

thankfully it’s now well controlled

through epilim chrono. I also have hypothyroidism for which I take levithyroxin. I have over the past three years developed anxiety and associated depression out of fear of suffering a seizure in a public place or driving etc. I have been battling with this and so far not let it beat me although it is hard. All my GP has been able to do is to send me on CRBT classes. That was useful to a degree in that I met with others who suffered anxiety whom I could relate too, I learned the physiology of why the body reacts when the fight or flight mechanism is triggered etc but aside from that I took nothing helpful away with me. It’s a constant struggle and has led to me losing jobs due to my anxiety making it hard to perform at work and bond with colleagues. I won’t let it beat me but at times I feel very low

HI. I too suffer from the epileptic temporal lobe. I have absences/petit mals I am a cyclist. And I am a Church Bell Ringer I get what is called an aura which is a sign I get when I am going to have one. So I get off my bike and wait till it goes, they last about 20 seconds. then I just carry on what I was doing.


I have to live with it. But I have worked in a laundry for 25 years. as a machine operator. 1973-1999.


Hi😀 it’s understandable feeling the way you do. Our brains manipulate us big time! You have a thought and it sticks in your head. Some people don’t think twice about it and some do🙁 it’s learning to say “ I couldn’t careless “ let it go. Easier said than done I know but it works. You find that things that worry you or make you anxious become insignificant with out you realising it. I’m a worrier to and I get anxious but I think “ what ever “ shrug my shoulders and away I go😀

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