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Thanks to Toomuchsynchrony for recommending this to me in another thread. I have now read all the articles, and I thought I'd post it on the main board in case anyone else was interested

It is a special supplement from Nature earlier in the year all about Epilepsy, and different aspects of the illness and treatments of it. There are some really interesting articles and most of them are very non-technical. Enjoy!



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Thank you Amy :)


Happy to help, if I see anything similar in the future that looks interesting I'll let you know.


Hi everyone I've been suffering now 2years and I'm on lamotrigine and phenytoin and the doctor has now gave me these new tablets called gabapentin well I have been itchy for a week now it's now driving me mad it's suppose to help with the seizures but is not and I'm just wondering what anyone out there would do it is horrible feeling like this my epilepsy is enough withought this thank you all Eric x


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