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Symptoms of a seizure??

After 3 years seizure free from grand mal and complex partial seizures, after a 12 year battle to make it here, recently on two occasions I've had a 'funny turn' where my coordination wasn't right, I couldn't really focus on anything & my speech was slurred. I couldn't walk without support as my balance wasn't right either.

This is nothing like any other seizure I've ever had & wondered if anyone can relate to these symptoms? In A&E I was told it was unlikely to be a seizure, because I was actually driving at the time, and was thankfully able to pull over and stop the car. I have been really stressed at work recently & am worried it maybe epilepsy X

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Was pleased to hear you had no seizures for 3 years. Seizures/epilepsy can return at any time, and being stressed is a possible trigger to make them start again. Also, loss of balance, dizziness and lack of focus, together with slurred speech are symptoms it could be returning. My advice would be to get back to a doctor or see your Neurologist in this regard.


Could be partial seizures or complex partial seizures or absence seizures i had absence seizures and was able to work a till and walk and speak while having them most likely to be absence and you are very aware of whats going on around you and very able to communicate hope this helps good luck :-)


I am in a similar position to you after having 2 seizures (grand mal) recently after 7 years seizure free. I hope you figure this out soon. To me it doesn't sound like the kind of absesnce seizures I have had in the past, where I momentarily loose conciousness, not enough to fall down or anything, just to completely loose track of what is going on around me and then be completely confused. It does however sound like how I might feel before having a grand mal seizure and I have felt like this on several occasions recently (although I don't think I've ever had slurred speech).

Best wishes.


Sounds very much like how I am when on the verge of complex partial seizure with absence. I hadn't realised the slurring of speech until it was pointed out by family that they knew I was having a 'bad day' because of the slurring.

I would take the advice in a previous post and get to see your nuerologist an epilepsy nurse or GP as soon as possible. Your neuero should be available if not to see but to contact through his secretary.

As for the driving it might be wise to stop until after visiting the medical proffesionals. I know how hard that is (I was a lorry driver and avid car driver until I lost both license) but think how you would feel if you caused injury or death to someone else as a result and the even worse devestation to them or their families because of it.

I am not medically qualified but just say as I have found for myself.


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