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Early morning seizure (2-6Am)

My son 4 Years old he had hydrocephalus shunt surgery don on 6 months age now perfectly ok last year he started seizure now happened 6 times all are come early morning before starting he will omit and start, which type of seizure this. now i am giving Tegretol 100mg 5ml 3 times, Topiramate 25 2times, phenytoin 37.5mg 6ml 2times, any body can suggest single dose medicine ? what type of precaution i can take this seizure avoid ?, which type Seizure this?, last one month he did't come Seizure can u give good suggestions....

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I suppose any kind of seizure can leave you feeling sick even abscence seizures does he shake is he blank staring into space there are loads i had absence seizures and tried all the tablets youv mentioned and i still take tegretol and zonisamide i think a wee trip to the doctors just to find out what they are to put your mind at rest good luck


Hi. I don't know from what you have said what kind of seizures they would be, but your doctor might be able to help or reading descriptions of different kinds of seizures on the websites of charities such as Epilepsy Research UK and Epilepsy Action. I used to get most of my seizures early in the morning or late at night because my main trigger was not getting enough sleep, so it could be related to this? I had three kinds of seizures, though, tonic-clonic (classic unconscious jerking), myoclonic jerks (jerks to a single part of the body, like everyone has occasionally when they are falling asleep) and absense seizures (brief unconcious moments, where it just seems like you loose attention).


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