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hi, i got epilepsy, i got it after a gang of yobs beat me up with a metal bar and damaged my brain,

that was ten years ago, ive been on meds ever since, my doctor says i got to keep increasing my dose ever now and again to keep it under control, but now ive discovered something new, its affecting my sleep, i wake up on the floor and my family say they keep hearing me scream in my sleep, i put it down to night terrors at first. so i did a experiment i set up a camera and recorded a few nights sleep, what i saw scared me, i was fitting in my sleep, then after the fit, i would start screaming and swearing also in my sleep, i also see stuff when i just wake up, for example i saw what can only be described as a little devils shadow on my wall, and it moved away into the floor. i know this has something to do with epilepsy hence the fits. anyone else had this.

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Hiya i got it after a brain infection called encephalitis 14 long years i put up with it why dont you ask your neurologist for brain surgery you might not be suitable but then again you might i had it done in december last year and its changed my life for the better no seizures at all its worth looking into :-)


Once again, go and see your g.p. My son used havefits in his sleep and end up on he floor, but had no other symptoms that you describe. He had brain surgery 4yrs ago and has been great since


Oh my goodness! Do take the video of you back to your doctor. This sound awful for you.


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