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does anyone know the symptoms of epilepsy when asleep?

my son is 3 and im sure hes having some kind of fit when hes asleep. happened a few times now and its quite terrifying. he gets hysterical, his eyes are open but its like hes on a different planet. sweating like mad, arms thrashing about, then usually sick. he has a few other health issues, he has problem with kidneys and stomach.

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Hiya there are so many different types of epilepsy its hard to say at his age he could be having night terrors or really vivid dreams my son used to get night terrors or bad dreams that used to leave him a sweaty mess i would in your shoes take him to the doctors and ask he be tested for epilepsy it could be then again it might not good luck and my son is 22yrs so i no how you must feel


Hi Claire, my heart goes out to you but stay positive :) You must go and get specialist advice before thinking about anything else. That is the only advice you can listen to on this. Jules is absolutely right - there are so many different types of epilepsy and as your son already has complications you need to make sure that you get things right for him. If you have any doubts about anything you get told just go and get a second opinion. Many consultants have totally different attitudes towards medication, especially in a child so young.

The very best to you and your son. Take care x


Hi Claire, as above, specialist care is needed. There are so many different types of epilepsy, mild and severe and symptoms can start from anything... If he already has complications, especially when so young, advice from a medical professional is needed. As Pterodactyl has said, one can always get a 2nd opinion if not happy with the 1st... Take care and all the best to you both!


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