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Has anyone come across any false claims in the media about miracle treatments for epilepsy?

An organisation known as Sense about Science is re-launching a brochure next week entitled 'I've got nothing to lose by trying it'. It aims to help people with chronic medical conditions to recgonise when claims of miracle cures in the media are false. They are looking for people with epilepsy who have been affected by false claims cures in the media, and who would be happy to speak about it to a journalist. Please message me if you are interested in being involved. All the best, ERUK_RI

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No thank you! There is no cure for epilepsy at this stage.


There will be and always be false claims. People like these are just preying on the weak and desperate.


I used Taurine just before I had my brain tumour removed. I had no seizures for 6 months prior to the surgery.


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