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Has anyone there experienced the effects of high and low atmospheric pressure on their epilepsy and the vulnerability in low pressure?

I seem to be more vulnerable to seizures and auras in low pressure - it is as if the protection around the brain is a lot thinner during bad weather and when there are lots of clouds and rain around. Has anyone had this sort of problem?

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No, seizures affect me in the hot weather, especially when it's very humid... Looking at the funny side of it, the heat pumps my brain cycle!


Yes I think I do, flying on a long Haul flight. I am always worse. I am not sure about the weather, but do feel worse i think according to the time of the new moon, (just before ) gosh that sounds Bad doesn't it.

People say their pain is worse because of the weather, if they have arthritis

I have Hughes syndrome and at a forum on it, professor Hughes said that during a flight the pressure changes and people have noted a difference not just jet lag

Interesting I think I will now look at the weather.

I have epilepsy I think it was caused by the sticky blood. My epilepsy is controlled with Lamotrigine 300 mgs twice a day.

It's my memory that is affected.

It would be good if everyone made a note of how they are during the weather changes, then perhaps a poll on it


I find that the sunshine is rapidly becoming a major problem. When the sun's rays shines through trees, hedges, slatted fences and gaps it has the same effect on me as strobe lighting, and can trigger a seizure. I love the sunshine and being outside but my confidence

is beginning to wane as I am always worried that something may happen. Today I decided to try sunglasses in the hope that it solves the problem. Although it's early days I do think it helped.


I also find the sun a problem and had my first seizure after travelling through trees with the sun shinning through trees. Now I wear polaroid sun classes all the time in sunshine , am having to avoid going to most shows because of the lighting. and some supermarkets where the lights have activated a seizure. I hope things get better for you.


I also have to avoid certain supermarkets because the minute i step into them my vision blurs, i feel as though i have been struck by lightening and my legs turn to jelly, i have to get out as quickly as i can before it brings on a seizure.

Christmas shopping was an absolute nightmare with all flashing and harsh lighting in stores. It's a relief to know that I am not the only one who suffers

in this way.

Were you advised to wear polaroid sunglasses or did you just decide to try it for yourself?


I believe the fluorescent lights are one of my huge triggers. Overheating and then air conditioning seem to be a factor in certain stores...as I have experienced.

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I've been wondering. My son has had seizures after each cold front has passed through for the passed two years


I do every time its cloudy or is going to rain feels like my head is going to blow up and i get really sleepy like i am now.


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