Random thoughts for a random time

I remember I forget

The memory isn't always set

I forget that I forgot what I remember

What I do not

I remember a day which one i don't always know

I forget where I went but not where I should go

I think I know the face before my eyes

Looks different somedays, the mirror holds that surprise

I know how to do things and at times nothing at all

I remember the details but not after the fall

I shake awake a nuclei or too

Introduce it to the day, remind it what to do

Walk talk, clear smile and be sincere

At first I was disconnecting and often close to rejecting those I held so dear

I forgot to remember the forgotten and the true

But I know there would be less of me if it wasn't for all of you


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  • Absolutely brilliant and thought provoking too!

  • For the first time in the 9 years since this rotten illness began, I've read something that expressed what I have so often felt but couldn't put into words! Thank you Ghostmemory.

  • ;-)


  • This is absolutely beautiful and I would love to share on my Facebook page! Do you have any objection to this? I have had epilepsy for 39 years, but life goes on!

  • Hi, just in case my earlier comment doesn't come thru. Of course you can share, thank you for asking first though :-)


  • Have just read this, and ended up with a lump in my throat and mist eyes. I t is brilliant, abd oh so true. You have put into words all my feelings. Thamks

  • Thank you for all your positive comments! :-) . Lesmal, hi. Of course you can ;-)



  • Thank you... Just a quick question... Are you on Facebook? Would like to send you a friend request... If not a friend on Facebook already. If not, go to htttps://facebook.com/lesmal and facebook.com/lesdonn to see more!

  • Found this very true and amusing, especially to my husband!

  • Really well said just how I feel and a lot of people with Hughes syndrome, it's on the health unlocked site too would you mind if I copied it and posted on there that's unless you want to

  • Hi daisyd

    If you think it has a place then of course you can put a copy on there ;-) thanks for asking..

  • Thank you, I have put it on there, I am sure you will get replies on here.

    The Memory problems we have with Hughes syndrome are awful, so embarrassing. It is caused by the sticky blood. I had a brain that felt full of fog, unfortunately my neurologist didn't test me for it

    Now on anticoagulant Warfarin the fog has lifted. My brain is now like a jigsaw with bits missing, words often come out back to front.

    The epilepsy luckily is controlled with Lamotrigine, feel really sorry for people who have to cope with that as well

    Thank you xx

  • Thank you for giving us permission to share... This has been shared on both my personal Timeline: facebook.com/lesmal and my Community Page: facebook.com/lesdonn... I am very grateful to you for sharing your thoughts.

  • Hi Ghostmemory, Just to give you feedback... Your "Random thoughts for a random time" has received comment after comment both on Facebook and Twitter... It is beautiful and loved by many... shared and re-tweeted by others... Thank you for sharing!

  • Hi, you very welcome. It's nice to know something so simple as a few words can help others connect and feel a sense of togetherness x

  • It certainly does and helps others to relate to one another... Have a lovely day... Speak soon!

  • Thank you for permission to put this on the Hughes syndrome site on

    Healthunlocked just thought I would tell you 8 people say they can really relate to this and think it is brilliant, one person is asking if you are in a writing group.

    Thanks again


  • Thank you so much for your words. I write as a way of focusing my random thoughts. Sometimes it co-agulates (if you forgive the use of the word) into something satisfying. I'm not part of a writing group at all, never have been. I basically just write how I feel and feel the words I write xx

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