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Is kepra really for Epilepsy has my doctor say different.

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Hi all I am new to this, but I had a stroke 6 years ago and I am still waiting for them to say if I have Epilepsy as I take 3000mg of kepra a day. As I can see all over the inter net that kepra is only used for Epilepsy but they are saying not I need some help I am still driving and I am having between 3-5 turns a week .

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Hi I've been epileptic since I was a child and I'm on a medicine called Topiramate or Topamax which can be used for multiple reasons other than epilepsy but when I have to go onto a drip version of my medication I'm always put onto kepra as I can't have epilm anymore due to being on epilm too long as a child and the hospital inform me these are the epilepsy meds thay have in this form my reason for this point is maybe your doctor is using kepra for non epilepsy reasons like I pointed out that my own medication has uses for but as you have stated it's main use is for epilepsy and also your doctor has you already on a medicine that is working so far when you get your confirmation on do you have epilepsy or not thay will probably up the dose or add a new one to the kepra.

Please don't worry about it I'm sure your doctor is doing all thay can for you and to keep you as stress free and healthy as possible.

Good luck

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PennyRed in reply to Wintersbite

HiMy husband had a stroke November 2019 followed by seizures. He was put on Keppra which stopped the tonic clonic seizures but continued to have several small absences a day. He was also given Lamictal which stopped these completely. He surrendered his license but has been seizure free for over 12 months and can now apply for his license back with approval from his neurologist. Having said all that everyone is different. If you are worried ask for an appointment with your consultant.

Best wishes to you.

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panic55 in reply to PennyRed

Thank you pennyred

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baralbion in reply to PennyRed

What evidence will the DVLA accept to return a licence? Do they rely entirely on the word of the patient's neurologist? With a year to go, I don't know how confident I would feel driving again.

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TabbyT in reply to baralbion

You will need to apply again and the DVLA will send you a form to fill in giving them details if your doctor/neurologist and they then contact them.If you surrender your license voluntarily, you can take it upon yourself to drive exactly 1 year after the seizure whilst the DVLA are doing their ‘investigations’, however if you wait for it to be revoked, you will have to wait for their decision before being legal again even if it’s after the 1 year.

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baralbion in reply to TabbyT

Thank you. I am surrendering my licence voluntarily and will have to see how I feel about driving again after I've been seizure-free for 12 months. Fortunately, my wife drives, but is not used to drivng on long journeys.

Best wishes.

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PennyRed in reply to baralbion

Hi BaralbionMy husband surrendered his license voluntarily. If he is successful getting it back he is going to take a few driving lessons to get his confidence back. I think it will be good for him as it's been a tough year for him.

Take care

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baralbion in reply to PennyRed

Good idea. Best wishes to him.

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panic55 in reply to Wintersbite

Thank you Wintersbite.

Hi panic55

Keppra is a medicine to prevent epileptic seizures, so it would be unusual for doctors to prescribe it for you unless they think you have epilepsy. It would a good idea to check what your diagnosis is with your doctor.

You mention that you are having 3-5 turns a week but you're still driving. Funny turns can be a type of seizure, and could affect your safety and the safety of others on the road. So it's important to talk to your doctor about your turns and ask if they think you are safe to drive. Until you've got their advice, we'd strongly recommend you stop driving.

We've got more information about seizures and the driving rules on our website.

Kind regards


Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

Thank you EpilepsyAction1 for your fast response I have been in touch with my GP today and there going to see me next Thursday.

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Wintersbite in reply to panic55

Hi I hope that you are feeling better now that you have received some advice and the best being from epilepsy action themselves you did sound really confused about what your condition is earlier but hopefully your abit more at ease knowing that you have help coming your way. The driving issue isn't such a bad loss I have gone fit free for up to 5yrs then had a fit every week/month until I got back to my average of once a year so I made the choice of never driving at the hurtful age of 16 I'm 40 now and still have never been behind the wheel but the taxi drivers say why would I when I can be driven everywhere and in that respect be just like the Queen so I should enjoy it ( I did feel like saying to the taxi driver who said this to me ok then home James lol but he had a point).

Please let us know how you get on

And good luck.

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