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Applying for PIP but worried about losing driving licence

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Does anyone has lost driving licence because has decided to apply for PIP

I have epilepsy for years but never had a seizure during driving. Only had seizure when sleeping

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Do DVLA know about your epilepsy?

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gosh1234 in reply to bookkeeper

No they dont.

My driving license wasnt issue in UK either.

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bookkeeper in reply to gosh1234

Are you driving here,,?

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gosh1234 in reply to bookkeeper

I am not driving at the moment because at the moment I dont need to. But dont want to lose driving licence only because has decideed to apply for pip. dont have a seizure for year.

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bookkeeper in reply to gosh1234

Legally you have to be clear for 7 years.

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EpilepsyAction1Administrator in reply to bookkeeper

Hi Bookkeeper

I thought you’d like to know that you don’t have to be 7 years seizure free to drive a car on a UK driving licence.

Here is a link to the different driving regulation for epilepsy in the UK.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

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TabbyT in reply to bookkeeper

No. You have to be 1 year seizure free.

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Hi Gosh1234

As long as you meet the UK driving regulations, you will not lose your driving licence.

PIP is a functional assessment. The assessment looks at an individual’s ability to carry out a series of key everyday activities which are essential to living an independent life. For example their ability to prepare, cook and eat food, dress and undress, make budgeting decisions, managing their medicines or treatments, engage with other people, and plan and follow journeys.

Here is a link to our information on PIP and Epilepsy

If you would like to discuss this further with our helpline team, our helpline is open Monday to Thursday 8.30am until 8.00pm, Friday 8.30am until 4.30pm and Saturday 10.00am until 4.00pm.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

if your fits are only in the night you can drive

You need to inform the DVLA regardless of whether or not you are currently driving.

I had a full South African drivers license but I only converted to a British License after being seizure free for a year. I have no idea what a PIP is so can't advise on that.

Hi you need to inform DVLA if your seizures are at night you won’t lose licence I got mine back after a year of being seizure free mine are all times of day I’ve had more so now have to be free for two years you need to remember your insurance will be invalidated and also think of others safety please

Also PIP is only for when you’re seizures really impact your life hence I get mobility part but not care because I can dress myself etc unless I’ve had seizure

I was diagnosed epileptic in the 80's. I was not having grand mal seizures the, so never passed out, but I had to send in my driving licence to DVLA. After starting medication I had to go 3 years without having a fit before I could get it back from DVLA. It took about 5 years in all for me to be controlled that first time.

These days you only have to wait 1 year to get your driving licence back after seizures stop. I don't know the rules about night seizures only and how long you have to wait before getting your licence back then, but I am sure that you will find that on DVLA site.

The thing that you must realise is that if DVLA don't know that you are epileptic you will be breaking the law if you drive, which means that your car insurance would be void also remember.

Even if your licence isn't a uk licence, it is against the law to be driving in the uk if you are having epileptic fits.

If your GP is aware that you are having any fits, I think that he should advise you to get in touch with DVLA about it. It would be on your medical records and DVLA can ask to see your medical records, I believe it is the law.

I couldn't cope well without my licence either, but I had no choice, I didn't want the possibility of me having a fit and killing someone while driving, I could not live with myself if that happened. And I could have killed my own children, never mind someone elses children!

My fits have changed over the years. I started with fits in my sleep and absence day time fits, with no loss of consciousness. But over the years they changed to grand mal and deja vous along with occasionally being knocked out for a day or even 3 days at one time. So please don't bank on only having fits during sleep forever, they could easily change and you need to tell DVLA so that you know you are safe to drive.

If I had a fit during the next 24 hours, my driving licence would be back with DVLA before I could get an appointment with my GP. Thats what I have always done and I can live with myself because of it.

As epileptic drivers we need to be certain that we are safe to be on the road and if you are having fits, even if only during your sleep, you need to be responsible and obey the law.

Please think long and hard about it.

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