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Lamictal & Keppra

Hey, been on 1500 mg twice daily Keppra & now started 25 mg twice daily Lamictal I have to get this to 75mg twice daily, anyone experienced side effects? Any male side effects?

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Hi 😊 I take 1250mg Keppra and 200mg Lamictal AM. 1250mg Keppra and 100mg Lamictal MIDDAY, then 1500mg Keppra and 200mg Lamictal PM. It sounds a lot, but they increase it when I was pregnant. After having the baby, they did blood tests to check levels which turned out to be still within therapeutic range so left it!

As far as side effects go - I am ridiculously tired most of the time and pretty forgetful, but this is probably a mixture of the medication and having a 12mth old child! Pre baby I was always tired though, just not quite to this extent.

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Possible side-effects of your epilepsy medicine is listed on the patient information sheet inside your medicine box. Or you can view this information on



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Kappra is horrible it causes seething rage coined as kappra rage and triggered by the tiniest thing and can in some people cause dissociation and depression weight gain it even comes with a warning this drug can cause dissociative identity disorder i ask myself how in hell is it legal to give sick patients a drug that would just add another sickness?. I would not recomend it its a very unpleasant drug to be on I was on it dissociating without even knowing it if you have panic or anxiety issues don't take it and don't let them put you on pro levatiracetam its just the same drug but a different name side effects are equally as bad.


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